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Red Crescent Abu Dhabi

Red Crescent Abu Dhabi

Al Dhafra Hospital

Al Dhafra Hospital

Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi Police

A project to Via Medica International Healthcare Abu Dhabi, UAE: Cheverolet Express 3500 with Extended Fibreglass Roof

UAE: Cheverolet Express 3500

A project to Ministry of Health and Sanitation Freetown, Sierra Leone:Hyundai H1 Ambulance

Hyundai H1 Ambulance

A project to Ministry of Health Bulgaria:Mobile Hospital in 12m Bus

Hospital in 12m Bus

An 18 uniet project for Ministry of Interior Egypt:Mercedes Sprinter 315 Patient Transport Ambulance

Sprinter 315

A project to Clinique Du Sud, Mauritius:Toyota Hiace High Roof Right Hand Drive Ambulance

Drive Ambulance

A project for Actions Aid, UNDP Gambia:Mobile Gynecology Clinic in Fiat Ducato Van

Mobile Clinic

A project to Armed Forces of Saudi Arabia:GMC Savana 3500 with Extended Fiber Glass Roof

GMC Savana 3500

A project to SEHA, Abu Dhabi UAE: 110 unites Mercedes Sprinter 324 Ambulances

324 Ambulances

Ministry of Interior Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Toyota Land Cruiser G9 and Ford Expedition EL

Land Cruiser G9