Rescue associations often need custom made ambulances for new services. Sudden situations of machine downtime due to accidents, maintenance or prolonged stops for events call for flexible and quick solutions to be put in place to give the community the service or medical transport they expect. If your voluntary association is looking for a new ambulance quickly, you need to take a look at the solutions offered by ABRONN FZE.

All the fastest and most convenient options to get ambulance vehicles have been planned by the Dubai based manufacturer. ABRONN FZE, through the all vehicle brands, TOYOTA, NISSAN, HYUNDAI, MERCEDES, IVECO, FIAT, PEUGEOT, RENAULT, MITSUBISHI, GMC SAVANNA, CHEVROLET EXPRESS, can offer all the ideal ambulances to satisfy rescue associations with customized vehicles and in accordance with EN1789. So: If you need an ambulance right away, ABRONN FZE is the best source?

As a strong and renowned ambulance manufacturer, ABRONN FZE assures that it always have vehicles ready for delivery, because the customer can at any time of the year have an emergency and urgent ambulance procurement, which might be impossible to postpone. The production capacity and storage spaces at the JEBEL ALI Free Zone plants in Dubai have been designed to meet the demands for prompt delivery all over the world. Accidents, downtime, last-minute conventions, seasonal conventions assigned without prior notice require ambulances quickly. With  prompt delivery, you can have an ambulance of the highest level, new and with the turnkey formula. Only from “THE BEST SOURCE”



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