Light Bars and Strobe Lights

Available Range:

LED Light Bar – Red Blue: LE01

LED Light bar – Red Red: LE02

LED Light bar – Blue Blue: LE03

LED Light Bar – Amber Amber: LE04

LED Strobe Light – Square Big – Red: LA02

LED Strobe Light – Square Big – Blue: LA01

LED Strobe Light – Square Big – Clear: LA03

LED Strobe Light – Square Big – Amber: LA04

LED Strobe Light – Square Small – Red: LB02

LED Strobe Light – Square Small – Blue: LB01

LED Strobe Light – Round – Red: LD02

LED Strobe Light – Round – Blue: LD01

LED Ceiling Light – Interior: LF01


Protect yourself and your emergency team with powerful ambulance lights, LED light bars, and strobe lights. The sight of your lights provides a warning and enhances safety on rescue calls when seconds count.

We carry everything you need to get your ambulance ready for your daily challenges. With only the most powerful LED light options, you can be sure that you will have what you need in an emergency. Customize the ambulance LED light barsand strobe lights and mount them on any part of your vehicle that best serves your needs. You can choose a package or build your own to outfit your ambulance in the way you want. With the latest technology and highest dedication, you’ll be ready for anything.